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Wiconisco Creek Rainbow

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

My neighbor Ken and I recently headed to the Wiconisco Creek near Millersburg for some late season trout fishing.  It was some of the toughest fishing of the year, as we made a lot of casts with very few hits.  The last hole we fished—a long, deep, slow pool—proved to be the most interesting.

The highlight was when a nice-sized mink swam across the creek just upstream from us.  It was swimming furiously to get away, and scurried into the brush as soon as it reached the opposite shore.  Of course, like most cool wildlife sightings, the camera wasn’t easily accessible at the time.

Ken caught a very nice fallfish, which he quickly photographed before its release to prove to Brenda that he really was fishing, and actually caught something.  I managed one rainbow trout that sported a beautiful pink gill plate and stripe.  Normally, a 12-1/2-incher would feel kind of hefty.  But this one looked a little malnourished.  Regardless, it felt good to catch an October rainbow.




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