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You Never Know

Our fishing foursome was late for Saturday’s opening of PA’s trout season.  Due to a morning commitment, it was after 2:00 when we parked near our first choice out of several places under consideration.  Surprisingly, the pool we wanted to fish was available, although a large group of anglers was nearby.  I advised the grandsons that we shouldn’t expect to catch a lot of fish.  Most likely, any trout that hadn’t been caught were not very hungry.  Surely the people who were fishing downstream already tried our spot.

After 1-1/2 hours, the boys had three trout on stringers.  Their patience was waning and it was time for Barbara to take them home anyway.  I stayed, in an attempt to add a couple trout of my own, so we’d have enough for a meal.  After several casts, I was losing confidence in worms.  So when my line tore on a snag, I decided to try my favorite Mepps spinner.  Two casts later…

… I had a fight on my hands.  After several runs downstream and across the creek, the 4-lb. line held and the heavy rainbow was finally getting tired.  Just when I thought it was ready to give up, it saw the net and made one more run to the other side.  Then it was out of gas and my big net made the landing easy.  It immediately started thrashing, and the spinner popped out of its mouth.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune.  Someone else wasn’t as lucky.

Dark line was hanging out of its mouth with a small treble hook stuck in its tongue.  Look familiar, anyone?  The hook came out easily without any bleeding, so this lunker went back to fight another day.

My brother, Alan, has become my personal trophy photographer.  Thanks for these images of a trout I’ll never forget.  We did our best to get an accurate measurement without hurting the fish, and came up with 22-1/4″.  Although it wasn’t my longest trout, it was by far the heaviest.  Just look at that girth.

This one didn’t have spectacular colors.  Instead, it was bright silver, with a hint of pink on its cheeks and sides, and more spots toward the tail.  What a great fish!  Now we still don’t have enough trout for a meal.  I guess I’ll have to force myself to go fishing again.  Oh well.


All photographs and text are Copyright © 2010 David Deppen, all rights reserved.  They are not in the public domain and may not be copied, used for derivative works, or used in emails, websites, blogs, or any other media, or for any other purpose, without explicit advance permission from David Deppen.  Please use links to website pages if you wish to share content with others.

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