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Archery Season Availability

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Archers, keep my trophy phone number handy on Saturday and for the rest of the season.  Since nobody had the confidence to book me for a specific time :), at this point I’m still available for trophy portraits.  I say trophy, but, of course, any deer is a trophy!

Why are creative, quality portraits important?  Well, for example, fish and game mounts are an excellent way to remember your hunting and fishing accomplishments.  But what about you, your friends or relatives, details of the day, and the environment where you harvested the game or caught the fish?  Photos, done right, tell a story and are a great complement to a mount.

On the other hand, a harvested animal isn’t necessary for great portraits that document your day in pursuit of game.  Devoting a couple of hours to photography, without the need to get your trophy out of the bush, allows us to spend more time concentrating on you and the way you hunt.

If you bag one, call me as soon as possible!  If you’re within 20 miles of Halifax and reasonably close to a road, I’ll do my best to get there in time for photos in the field.  Of course, don’t risk spoiled venison if the ETA is too long.  We can still get some great shots later.  In order to create the best possible portraits, please keep the animal’s eyes open, and wipe off any blood before it dries.  Keep in mind that this is first come, first served.

Good luck to everyone and please hunt safely!

Regular rates and terms apply.

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