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Trophy Channel Cat

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Do you remember your favorite  fishing or hunting spot while growing up?  Can you still go there?  For many people, those old favorite places are now developments, posted property, or too far away from where they live now.  Ken is one of the lucky ones.  He still fishes his favorite spot on the Susquehanna River—and it’s a doozy.  His target?  Catfish.  BIG catfish.

After months of low water levels, the recent rain finally brought the river up to Ken’s favorite level.  So he decided to do some serious fishing until well after dark, hoping to put some fillets in the freezer.  In fact, the fishing was so good that he stuck with it past two in the morning!  After catching a bunch of channel catfish exceeding two feet in length, the last fish of the night turned out to be a monster.  Ken is a prime example of what can happen when you make a few extra casts, or stay in your deer stand for another hour.

Folks, that’s a 32-incher, on 8-pound line!  But that’s not the biggest he’s ever caught.  That would be a 36-incher.  Wow.

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