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April 1, 2010 3 comments

A long time ago, I visited this home near Halifax as a young child.  Opposite the exposed bricks was a fireplace in the kitchen where I recall sharing a family meal.  After finishing my food, I asked my aunt for a wet washcloth to wipe my face, as was customary at my home.  Everyone laughed when my uncle joked that I must be a messy eater to clean up like that after eating.  On another occasion, my cousins and I were playing with plastic bowling balls and pins in a room at the opposite end of the house.  Good times.

Decades later, while I waited by the edge of the field, a doe paused long enough for me to line up a shot across the yard, and secure my venison for the year.  No, I didn’t shoot out the windows!

None of the wonderful things that happened, in the lives of the families that lived here, can save this structure.  They’re just distant memories, most of which died along with the people who are no longer around.  The once sturdy house is now a deteriorating shell of wood, brick and horsehair plaster, inhabited by raccoons and squirrels—forever condemned.

The house is a lot like us.  In the end, all of our good deeds, athletic accomplishments, awards and trophy fish or game mean nothing.  Fortunately, the events observed at Easter changed the world forever.  Jesus Christ accepted the punishment for the sins of everyone who believes in Him.  He was beaten beyond recognition and crucified.  Then, just as predicted in the Old Testament, he rose again.

Happy Easter,

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