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Clark’s Ferry Bridge Sunset

September 16, 2010 2 comments

This will make beautiful 12″ x 24″ framed prints and canvas wraps for home decor.  That blur on the bridge is what a tractor trailer looks like at a slow shutter speed!  For anyone who’s not familiar with Clark’s Ferry, it’s a landmark with quite a bit of history.  It carries U.S. Routes 22/322 traffic and Appalachian Trail hikers across the Susquehanna River near Duncannon, north of Harrisburg.  At this point, hikers are 1138.9 miles from the beginning of the trail at Springer Mountain, Georgia, and 1040.2 miles from the end at Baxter Peak-Katahdin, Maine, according to the Appalachian Trail Distance Calculator.


Kudos to PennDOT for salvaging this marker from the old bridge, which was nicknamed, The Gangplank, for its narrow lanes.  You can find it at the west end of the bridge, on the downstream side.  The current bridge was completed in 1986.

Anyone who drove across the bridge while I photographed this plaque, saw me holding a camera in one hand and a large reflector over my shoulder with the other.  Although a breeze made it difficult, I succeeded in throwing some light onto the lettering, which was in total shade, to make it stand out more.  Of course I could have just used a flash, but at the risk of creating glare, which would have made the lettering difficult to read.  Anyway, I’m sure I got some stares—but no more than when I’m photographing while wearing hip boots or knee pads.  Hey, whatever it takes!


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